Frequently Asked Questions

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Depending on your plan, you can have 15 (Starter) or 50 (Professional) landing pages active at any point in time. You can easily delete a landing page and add another to your list.

We offer plans with more than 50 landingpages. Please contact us or one of our local partners to discuss your needs.

Yes! All of our plans are annual, but you can pay monthly.

Yes. Prices can go as low as $2.88 per landingpage per month depending on your volume.

VR HOMEVIEW is not a substitute for your personal/company website or the property portals. It’s a tool to stand out during listing presentations and effectively promote your listings on social media! It’s an addition to your existing marketing tools. We don’t just want you to be active on social media, but we want to help you make your presence as effective as possible!

1.Winning new listings! You have to stand out during your listing presentation and VR HOMEVIEW landingpages is THE way to do it. You are creating a specific website just for your seller’s property. It will save you, the seller and the buyer a lot of time and it shows that you understand who you are marketing to

2.Effective online promotion! Nowadays, the majority of leads come from social media. Effectively promoting on these platforms is absolutely crucial. Attention spans are short, so you only have a few seconds to engage potential buyers! Your VR HOMEVIEW landingpage will be perfectly optimized for your personal real estate process, it keeps your viewers engaged and won’t distract them with other listings, advertisements or buttons!

1. Easy and fast! VR HOMEVIEW enables you to create a stunning single property website in under 10 minutes! No tech skills required! Anyone can do it!

2. Incredible presentation! VR HOMEVIEW gives you the oppertunity to present your Video and VR TOUR.

3. Valuable information! Besides your property details and images, a VR HOMEVIEW landing page automatically generates a map with details and locations of nearby supermarkets, public transportation stations, gyms, schools and much more in the most visually attractive way!

4. Branding. You can brand your landing page with your personal or company logo and choose a color scheme that matches your own!

5. Customization. Easily customize your call to action! Add or edit booking fields at the bottom of your page. If you don’t fill out all fields in the portal, don’t worry! The landing page will automatically adjust accordingly.

We’ve got one template, but there are lots of customization possibilities.

We are essentially talking about improving your ranking on search engines to ultimately drive more traffic to your Landingpage. Even though a VR HOMEVIEW Landingpage doesn’t compete with your personal/company website or property portals, we recommend the following steps to drive more traffic:

1. Share them on social media! Be active on the most important lead generation platforms!
2. Send the Landingpage via text messages!
3. Put a QR code on all your printing materials (business cards, brochures etc.).
4. Put a QR code on a yard sign!
5. Link to the individual Landingpages on your personal or company website! This will improve your ranking!
6. Add them as external links on property portals.

It’s super easy to create a Landingpage. It doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes

Yes! You can upload your logo, your personal photo, choose a color scheme and customize or add booking fields in your call to action to reflect your personal or company brand.

After you have logged in for the first time, you need to set up your portal.

This is the basis for every landingpage that will be created.
Think of basic language, colour, uploading your logo etc.

In this video you can see where and how you do this:

You can upload JPG or PNG files up to 10 MB.
Just klick on the white surface and start uploading.

Check the video below for an example:

Click on the image icon to go to your property photos, then click on caption on the photo and add your description.

Go to ‘Update Information’ in your portal, scroll down to the ‘Customize’ section and choose your primary and text color.

Simply copy and paste your virtual tour link into the 360 virtual tour URL box.
We support Matterport, Immoviewer and iStaging VR TOURS.

After shooting your video on our App you can save it as a Youtube video. Once you have done that you can copy the in the portal into the YOUTUBE URL box.

Yes, you can! Simply check the box ‘Activate address protection for the property’. Don’t forget to save at the bottom of the page!

A lot!

Let me give you some examples:

  • Logo in top left corner.
  • Color scheme (page, button and letter colors)
  • The text in the buttons
  • Different standard text like the text to go to the privacy policy
  • The whole Call to Action section, change text,color, show or not show icons and pictures..
  • Contact information

In addition to automatically running in from your CRM portal, you can also manually create a landing page.
The data is usually already at hand.

You can see how to do this here: